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Which Mini Metro map should come to Mini Motorways? Have your say!

We want you to join us at the developers’ table! We’re selecting one map to bring from Mini Metro to Mini Motorways, and we need the help of our awesome community.

Cast your nomination on which Mini Metro map we should bring to Mini Motorways by selecting your top choice from nearly 30 maps! After the first round of voting closes, we’ll share the top four contenders for you to place your final vote on.

The winning Mini Metro map will be announced later on along with some exciting news you won’t want to miss!

To cast your vote, see a timeline of the voting and announcement of the winning map, and learn more about the General Conditions of the competition, see this news post.

What comes next?

  • Round one: Nominate your favourite map from a selection of 30 maps found in Mini Metro – Voting begins April 17th!
  • Round two: Vote on your favourite map from the top four contenders – Voting begins April 29th PST!

The winner will be announced on May 8th along with a big announcement! 

Please select your favourite map and then scroll down to the bottom of the survey to click submit. Note that the survey works best on desktop display.


UPDATE: The nomination period has ended!