A squad of dinos creating games for everyone.

Dinosaur Polo Club is a kiwi indie studio of little dinos based in cosy Wellington. The last couple of years have seen our delightful studio grow, and we’re working on some new and exciting games. With an inclusive and supportive culture that believes in giving back to its creative community, we create games that make everyday concepts fun and engaging for players from all over the world.

Founded in 2013 by brothers Peter and Robert Curry, our studio is well known for the award-winning and BAFTA-nominated debut Mini Metro. Created in collaboration with Jamie Churchman and Disasterpeace, Mini Metro explores relaxed and minimalist subway design.

Following the release of Mini Metro we released our second game, Mini Motorways, which also garnered awards and critical acclaim including the IndieCade Choice Award and the Slice of Heaven Grand Prize at the NZ Game Awards. With the same minimalism in mind that guided Mini Metro, Mini Motorways made a name for itself with its easy to learn yet deceptively complex challenge of designing an efficient road network.

Watch this space to see what Dinosaur Polo Club does next!

Nestled in the heart of New Zealand.

Surrounded by lush green hills and blue oceans, Dinosaur Polo Club is located in beautiful Wellington, the creative (and literal) capital of Aotearoa New Zealand. With a vibrant culture fuelled by delectable eateries (honestly, we have a lot of cafes!), craft beer, great coffee and friendly people, Wellington was named the “coolest little capital in the world” by Lonely Planet and is often ranked one of the top 5 most liveable cities globally.

With everything from sandy beaches to snowy mountains, native birdsong and a fun and diverse range of cultural events, New Zealand is a pretty wonderful place for our studio to call home. With a work culture and lifestyle that promotes a nice balance of activity and relaxation time, it's not hard to see why New Zealand has become a hub for indie studios. We're proud supporters of our local game development community and we hope to work with other local studios and developers to ensure the New Zealand games industry flourishes into a stable, sustainable place for others to continue to grow their careers.


Creative Gold Winner
The Wellington Gold Awards
October 2020
Dinosaur Polo Club
IndieCade Choice Award
IndieCade Anywhere & Everywhere
October 2020
Mini Motorways
The ‘Slice of Heaven’ Grand Prize
NZ Game Awards
August 2020
Mini Motorways
Honorable Mention for Best Mobile Game
Game Developers Choice Awards
March 2020
Mini Motorways
PAX Australia Indie Showcase
PAX Australia
November 2016
Mini Metro
Winner, Excellence in Audio
Independent Games Festival
March 2016
Mini Metro
Nomination for Best Debut
Game Developers Choice Awards March 2016
Mini Metro
Nomination for Best Debut
BAFTA Games Awards
April 2016
Mini Metro
Finalist for Seumas McNally Grand Prize, Excellence in Design, Excellence in Visual Art
Independent Games Festival
March 2016
Mini Metro
October 2014
Mini Metro
Robert Curry Robert Curry

Robert Curry

Co-founder / Designer

Peter Curry Peter Curry

Peter Curry

Co-founder / Programmer

Chantelle Cole Chantelle Cole

Chantelle Cole

Studio Director

Niamh Fitzgerald Niamh Fitzgerald

Niamh Fitzgerald

Development Director / Designer

Blake Wood Blake Wood

Blake Wood


Casey Lucas-Quaid Casey Lucas-Quaid

Casey Lucas-Quaid

Community and Engagement Manager

Clélia Tran Clélia Tran

Clélia Tran


Joseph Bennett Joseph Bennett

Joseph Bennett


Josh O'Connor Josh O'Connor

Josh O'Connor


Peter Freer Peter Freer

Peter Freer

Art Director

Poppy de Raad Poppy de Raad

Poppy de Raad


Ruby Solomon Ruby Solomon

Ruby Solomon

Studio Assistant / Associate Community Manager

Svend Hansen Svend Hansen

Svend Hansen


Tana Tanoi Tana Tanoi

Tana Tanoi


Tom Butler Tom Butler

Tom Butler