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Player-Voted Map: Rules of Nominating/Voting and General Conditions!

We are so excited to announce the player-voted map, coming to the next update for Mini Motorways! To cast your vote from the top four, see this news post.

Thank you for nominating and voting on your favourite Mini Metro map! We look forward to hearing what you think the next map should be, and to ensure all our city planners are on the same page, we have a few terms and conditions.

By nominating your favourite map in the first round and then voting on one of the top four finalists in the last round, you acknowledge that the final choice of which Mini Metro map comes to Mini Motorways is ultimately up to Dinosaur Polo Club. While we will do our best to honour the results of the voting, it is possible that unforeseen complications might arise, as with any game development project.

Additionally, you must only cast your vote once, and all players who submit more than one vote will have their vote disqualified. We would love to bring all of the maps from Mini Metro over to Mini Motorways, but ultimately there will only be one map chosen. 

To learn more about the rules of nominating, please see below: