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Mini Motorways Comes to Nintendo Switch in Q2 with Exciting New Features

We’re fueled with excitement to share more details on our upcoming release of Mini Motorways on Nintendo Switch! 


To begin with, we’re adding in some exciting new content, including the ability to sync your progress from your Steam Cloud onto your Nintendo Switch. This means you’ll be able to pick up and keep playing Mini Motorways, right where you left off on Steam! We’re also adding a bunch of extra surprise goodies for you to enjoy –  we have a hunch that you’ll really like them.


To make sure we have enough time under the hood to fine-tune these brand new features, we’ll be looking to release Mini Motorways on Nintendo Switch in Q2. We wanted to take a moment to share that we’re blown away by our community’s support and it’s thanks to the enthusiasm and suggestions from our players that we’re able to continue adding new features and content to make Mini Motorways better and better!


This update will be making its way to Apple Arcade, Steam, and Nintendo Switch at the same time, so players will have access to all of the new content everywhere they play. Follow our studio on social media at dinopoloclub on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information, and stay tuned for additional updates from Dino HQ! In the meantime, happy city planning.