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Mini Motorways makes it as a finalist for the Independent Games Festival Awards: 2022!

With another exciting year for Mini Motorways now behind us, Mini Motorways welcomes 2022 with the news that we’ve made it as finalists at the Independent Games Festival Awards! Mini Motorways is up for Excellence in Audio, received an honourable mention for Excellence in Design, and of course, there’s the Audience Award. This is where our amazing city planners come into play!

If you’ve loved all of the new features, maps, and challenges our team of dinos has added to Mini Motorways this past year, head to the IGF Audience Award page and cast your vote for Mini Motorways.

Tune into the Awards Ceremony on March 23rd to find out which games take home the prize. We’ll see you there virtually!

In addition, we are running a survey to gather player feedback on what folks would like to see in new game modes for Mini Motorways in 2022. We’d love to hear what types of new play experiences you want to see, whether they’re existing game modes for Mini Metro or something entirely different. You can fill out the form here – please read the short instructions to see exactly what kind of suggestions we’re looking for. 🙂