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Mini Motorways comes to Nintendo Switch with Night Lights update!

Mini Motorways is out now on Nintendo Switch, alongside an exciting new update available on all platforms! We’re turning on our high beams to shine the light on the Night Lights update, packed with two new iconic maps and highly-requested features. Everything featured in the Night Lights update is available on Apple Arcade, Steam, and Nintendo Switch!

The Night Lights update features:

  • Two brand new maps! Explore Poland’s largest city of Warsaw, located on the winding Vistula River, and help to deliver the capital’s 1.8 million commuters to their destinations. Next, make your way across continents to the ancient Thai city of Chiang Mai where you can test your skills by planning your city around the Old City Moat.
  • Steam cloud syncing! This feature offers a one-way sync between Steam and Nintendo Switch, allowing you to pick up right where you left off. 
  • Headlights for Night Mode! Tackle cities at all hours of the day and night with your high beams on and watch your cities grow brighter than ever before. 
  • Various menu performance improvements and bug fixes, including improvements to leaderboards.

Make sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all things Mini Motorways. We hope you enjoy tackling cities on the go, with the Night Lights update as your guiding light!