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Mini Metro alpha11

Alpha11’s out already! It sees a return to Mini Metro’s core tenet of minimalism by cutting down the upgrade options and refocussing on network building.

It’s been a long three days since alpha10 and we’ve had a lot of feedback (positive and negative) on the added complexity to the upgrade system. We’ve definitely felt the love for the longer, larger games, which will influence the design of zen mode.

Without further ado, the changes in alpha11 are:

  • Trains have been sped up.
  • Three upgrade options are now presented each week. Two of these are line upgrades (additional line, dual track, extra carriages). The third option is either extra tunnels or an interchange.
  • The dual track upgrade also increases the speed of both trains on the line by 50%.
  • The alpha map has been switched to a revised London map.
  • Space lasers now do full damage against radioactive and undead constructs.