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Mini Metro alpha10

And after all that waiting for alpha9 we discarded it after a mere week! That’s what you get for well-timed public holidays. The big change in the latest update is that from week three onwards you get to pick two upgrades.

Here is the list of changes between alpha9 and alpha10:

  • Railcar upgrade broken up into three separate upgrades: Line, Double Tracks (second locomotive), and Carriages (two carriages on a single line)
  • Railcar capacity starts at 4 and can be increased with a new upgrade.
  • Upgrades separated into two pools. Upgrades are chosen from the second pool in week one, first pool in week two, and both pools in subsequent weeks.
  • Carriages only load passengers in parallel at interchanges.
  • Unique stations often replace existing circle or triangle stations.
  • More stations appear in later weeks.