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onefortyoneplus asked:

Loving Mini Metro, but it seems like a resource hog. When playing on a Macbook Pro (16GB RAM Quad-core i7) via Chrome. it heats up and runs fans at a rate only seen when rendering 2 hrs of HD video. Fans kick up after about 5 minutes of gameplay.

Ack, that’s not ideal. Do other games on your laptop behave similarly? If there’s a discrete GPU onboard, Unity is likely firing that up (sounds ridiculous for Mini Metro, I know).

jlgoolsbee asked:

A couple thoughts: 1) it’d be neat if I could disable “overcrowding” (or set the limit much, much higher) simply so that I could build gargantuan maps for the fun of it; this mode would obviously deny posting of scores to any leaderboards, etc – it would just be for fun, with no real “end” to the gameplay. 2) Upgrade idea: multiple unique carriages on a line (in addition to or instead of the current attached carriage upgrade).

  1. We’re working on an infinite-play zen mode which sounds like it’ll scratch your itch.
  2. We’re also working on multiple independent cars!

jonathanmm asked:

Can you add a pause mode in the game ?

The clock in the top-right is the world’s most obscure pause button.

c4mpf1r3ta1e asked:

Will there be an option for a “sandbox”/freeplay mode where you can just build all you want and have unlimited tunnels/lines/upgrades? In other words, a version that never says “game over”.

Yes! We’re not sure yet how it’ll work with regards to resources.

bradharmar asked:

I know I’ve contacted you several times already, but I wanted to ask a few more things: Will there be an easier way of editing loops rather than disassembling them from one point and then reassembling them? Will there be random generation of the river, or will that always remain fixed? Do you plan on having a soundtrack with the game? If yes, is someone already composing it? Are you looking for composing applicants? Sorry to ask so many questions, but I’m just very captivated by the game.

I hope to allow individual links to be dragged on to new stations, which would make adding a station in the middle of a line much, much easier.

There will be multiple maps in the final release, each of which will be fixed. I’d love to add random map generation in the future though.

Yes we have great plans for the soundtrack! We’re working with an awesome audio engineer.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game!