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Mini Metro alpha6

Mini Metro alpha6 is now live. This is primarily a maintenance release with bug fixes and minor tweaks, so there aren’t too many exciting changes.

  • Balance between circle and triangle stations evened out in the first week.
  • Station spawns fairer. For a given definition of fair.
  • Tweak: Station warnings stop when the game is paused.
  • Tweak: Out-of-tunnel and out-of-line errors show instantly.
  • Tweak: Dangling line is removed instantly when a station is removed from a line.
  • Bug: Fixed an exploit allowing passengers to be deleted.
  • Bug: Released carriages now release themselves properly back into the upgrade pool.
  • Bug: Passengers on carriages didn’t always disembark.
  • Bug: Transfers were confusing the pathfinding.
  • Bug: Circular loops are no longer pushed onto non-centre platforms in certain situations.