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A Chat with the Devs, Part One

As part of our upcoming 10-year Miniversary, we’re looking back at our games and our community, sharing stories about how Dinosaur Polo Club and the Mini Collection came to be! Keep up to date with us here as we share regular blog posts in the lead-up to our biggest update ever.


While we sit in excited anticipation of The Miniversary Update (coming to you on July 24th PT), we struck up a chat with a few dinos from our team to talk all things ‘Mini’! 

First up, we asked Tom, one of our Game Designers, which map was his favourite to work on and why! Here’s what he said:

My favourite map to work on is either Chiang Mai due to its moat and unique double destination on the first spawn or New York City with the addition of Central Park, our first non-buildable area. Both of these maps provided a unique challenge yet were still super fun to balance. I do have a soft spot for Manila though, since that was the first map I worked on!

Next, we asked Dylan, Tom’s partner-in-crime and fellow Designer, if he could make any ‘Mini’ game with no limitations, what would it be? Here was his answer:

I’d love to do something in space! You could chart star systems and help humanity expand through the final frontier, establishing human colonies on new planets while also trying not to overpopulate or ruin the planets you inhabit. Fun sci-fi space stuff with some sort of message about looking after the natural resources of our planet (or planets, in this case).

I’d also love to do Mini Jurassic Park!

Finally, we ventured into a unique space at Dinosaur Polo Club, where our only Programmer-turned-Techincal-Designer, Tana, lives! We asked him what feature he would love to implement into Mini Motorways, regardless of how hard it would be to implement. Here’s what he said:

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how cool it would be to implement an Endless Mode cinematic camera. The idea is that it would follow just one car around at a time for maybe a few minutes before jumping to another car. If we had that, we could record a 1-hour loop of Mini Motorways with some classic car & train ambiance for our players to check out and vibe to on YouTube.

Tune into the next post to hear from one of our original artists as well as our beloved co-founders!