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Buckle up for new Daily Challenges with the Extra for Experts update!

Explore our latest Extra for Experts update, featuring brand new Daily Challenges that offer advanced difficulty for players who want to put their city planning skills to the test! 

One thing we’ve wanted to do since the early days of Mini Motorways is to upgrade our team’s backend controls to the database of Daily and Weekly Challenges to ensure faster bug fixes and greater flexibility when adding fresh challenges to updates. We’re thrilled to say the day has come, and we’ve added some tougher-than-usual challenges for those who fancy themselves experts! 

This update features:

  • One Daily Challenge per week featuring Expert Mode as a challenge modifier.
  • Backend controls for the development team to create a smoother player experience for Daily and Weekly Challenges. This should result in much quicker fixes to challenges in the future.
  • An assortment of bug fixes and performance improvements.