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The Miniversary Update is Out Now: Available for Mini Metro & Mini Motorways!

Happy Miniversary to our amazing community! To mark 10 years of Mini, we’re thrilled to share the Miniversary Update – available now everywhere you can find Mini Metro and Mini Motorways. 

Our biggest update to date features a suite of new maps to explore, exciting crossover features, and a chance to show that you have what it takes to keep the city moving, whether it’s on the roads or in the underground!

The update coming to Mini Motorways includes:

  • Three brand-new maps! Three of Mini Metro’s most popular cities are now available in Mini Motorways, including the winner of our player vote, New York City. Recreate London’s iconic roundabouts or attempt to recreate Mumbai’s famous expressways.
  • Train stations! These cities are home to bustling railway networks already, and it’s your job to ensure their trains don’t interrupt your traffic! Train stations are new building types that will require careful planning and attention as you draw your roads around unique existing railroads and keep up with the demands of their passengers.
  • Each of these maps also includes all-new challenges, new achievements, and a gorgeous new soundscape from Disasterpeace.
  • This update also includes performance improvements.
  • One known issue in the Nintendo Switch build where the game will lock up if you unlock a map that is also the current daily or weekly challenge. This issue already has a patch submitted to Nintendo, all you have to do is download the latest version of the game and it will be fixed.

The update coming to Mini Metro includes:

  • Three more new maps! We’ve brought three of our most popular cities from Mini Motorways and their gorgeous colour palettes to Mini Metro. Another Shinkansen map is yours to enjoy in Tokyo. Or you can carefully traverse the rivers of Warsaw. If you want more than just rivers, the Portuguese coast is yours to explore in Lisbon, a tricky five-line map.
  • An all-new photo mode! Export screenshots of your metro networks with decorative frames to show off your unique cities.
  • A much-loved feature from Mini Motorways comes to Mini Metro in the form of a new way to capture GIFs. Export colourful animations of your metro networks at any stage in their growth to share with friends or just for bragging rights.
  • Fresh challenges and achievements for each of these maps, plus updated audio from Disasterpeace.
  • The iOS version of Mini Metro has a know issue in some languages where the map unlock scores for Warsaw and Tokyo are listed backwards. The correct unlock path is 300 on Warsaw -> 400 on Lisbon -> 500 on Toyko. This issue is already fixed and is under review at Apple now and we apologise for the confusion!

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