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Endless and Expert Mode Coming to Mini Motorways on November 3rd!

Mini Motorways is about to receive its biggest update so far! We’re excited to share that on November 3rd, 2022 Pacific Time, we’ll be releasing two new game modes across Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, and PC and Mac via Steam

For those who have wanted a calmer Mini Motorways experience, Endless Mode will allow you to continue a city after Game Over. Alternatively, you can start a game in Endless Mode and play at your own speed, expanding your map gradually by earning milestones and building efficient roads. Chill out, relax, and enjoy Disasterpeace’s marvelous soundtrack with no time limit and no pressure.

Expert Mode, inspired by Mini Metro’s Extreme Mode, lines up new obstacles to tackle and a chance to beat the best of the best on its own set of leaderboards. Learn what commitment really means as road tiles and upgrades quickly become a permanent part of your city. Play strategically with access to the full suite of upgrades at the end of each week, but you’ll need to plan ahead as an upgrade cannot be selected twice in a row, and they are only available for the first eight weeks.

Count down with us on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as we look forward to our biggest update of the year!