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The Hometown Update for Mini Motorways introduces you to Wellington!

It’s all in the name, folks! We’re so excited to take you on a tour of our very own hometown, the capital city of New Zealand: Wellington! Te Whanganui a Tara, Aotearoa (Wellington, New Zealand) is the home to all of our dinos and is where Mini Motorways was created. We can’t wait to see how you recreate our city! If you look close enough, you might even be able to spot our studio, located in the heart of Wellington’s arts district on Cuba St.

This update features:

  • A new map! Wellington, New Zealand.
  • An improved autosave feature on the Steam edition of the game.
  • Several bug fixes! We’ve resolved several issues including the following:
    • Updated the version of Unity engine.
    • Improved the way that the game submits scores to the leaderboards. If a score fails to submit, the game will attempt to resubmit the next time it can. Prevents scores from being “lost” if your device loses connection.
    • The game will automatically save when the end-of-week screen appears.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented any upgrades from showing on the end-of-week screen on some challenges. This fixes the bug where it was possible to get to an end-of-week screen with no update choices while playing certain Daily and Weekly Challenges.
    • Fixed an issue with traffic lights at busy destinations that prevented cars from leaving.
    • Refactored the list of Daily and Weekly Challenges to remove “problem challenges” where upgrades and maps would result in games that ended very soon due to lack of bridges/motorways/etc.
    • Additional UI and visual bugfixes and quality-of-life improvements.

Thanks so much for continuing to enjoy Mini Motorways! We’re already hard at work on our next update, so in the meantime enjoy our hometown!