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Welcome to the new clubhouse!

Well we finally did it, we went and got ourselves a brand-new website. We spent a lot of time finding a partner who could create a site that would provide for all of our audiences – people who play our games, press interested in us, and people who may want to work with us. In the end we asked the fine people at Fully Illustrated, who it turns our are big fans of Mini Metro and were thrilled to partner with us! They’ve been a real pleasure to work with and we’re very happy with the new site.


Our studio news has been spread across a few different sites in the past – our old Tumblr account, Facebook, Twitter – and we wanted one place to have it all. We’ll still be using social media of course, but all of our important news will be here on our website.

All of the old posts from Tumblr have been brought across so all of our history is still here. We’ve added notes to the posts to explain missing links or any other relevant information.

The team

We now have a proper about page which introduces all of our lovely team members! We’ve grown quite a bit over the last few years and unless you’ve been keeping an eye on our Twitter account it’s been easy to miss people. So take a look and see the bright, shining faces behind our games.


The studio has been growing and is continuing to do so, so we wanted to showcase the strengths and values of our studio and let everyone know who we’re looking for right now. Pop on over, we’d love for you to join us!

We really hope you like the new site! The old one was getting a bit long in the tooth and was a bit of a bear to edit (ssh and vim – what more do you need, amirite?) so you can expect this one to be a lot more active.