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Welcome to Mini Metro!

Mini Metro is now released out of Early Access! Thanks to everyone for all your support, testing, suggestions, and enthusiasm. It’s helped carry us over the line. Also a big thanks to our community translators who have allowed us to ship in a massive amount of languages.

So right now we can officially announce the Daily Challenge mode! This is available straight from the main menu and lets you get one shot at a new map every day—along with everyone else in the world! So get as high a score as you can and see how well you do. Then come back tomorrow to find out tomorrow’s challenge!

Also we’ve got a brand new map for you, Melbourne! It’s got a cool art style as well as featuring trams instead of trains.

This is far, far from the end of the road for Mini Metro though. We’ve been talking about where to take it from here and have some exciting ideas bubbling away for the future. So, stay tuned!

And keep the city moving.