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Will there be a save game function? Or is there a way to load a previous game already?

We’re undecided on this. Right now we’re leaning towards no for scored games, possibly yes for zen games. The scored games have always meant to be short, do-or-die affairs with an emphasis on replaying from a different seed. The beta features accelerated starts which makes starting a new game much less painful for experienced players.

rodikachu asked:

Is Mini Metro planned for iPad or iPhone?

Yes! We’ll be releasing on tablets soon after the desktop launch, with phones a little later. It’ll take some tweaking to get Mini Metro playable on smaller screens. We intend to make the iPad app universal rather than launch the iPhone version as a separate app.

glasny asked:

is it ok to livestream Mini Metro on Twitch ?

Yes of course! If you need monetisation permission, you can find one on the press page.

derkork asked:

Are you considering shipping a mapping tool (at least for the desktop versions) when Mini Metro goes gold? Because with such a tool, the community could create additional cities that you couldn’t add for various reasons.

We’ve considered it, and we’d love to add a map & scenario editor. We won’t include it in the first release (otherwise we’ll still be here next year!), but it’s on the list of things to look at post-launch.

15washingtonplace asked:

Looking for instructions for Minimetro. Any user’s guide?

You could look here: <Message from the future: this link now redirects to a spam site so has been removed>